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About InBond

As a market leader in premium logistics services, InBond has a reputation for providing high quality warehousing and document management services to some of the biggest names in the UK. Serving the likes of Tetley’s, NHS, Next, KP Snacks and Fujifilm, the company has a high level of customer service and efficiency to maintain.

So, when InBond were in the market for a new fleet of forklifts and access machinery, Windsor Materials Handling began a quest to find the best equipment to serve the narrow aisles and high racking at their Stockton-on-Tees facility.

Making the right choice

Over the past 40 years, Windsor Materials Handling has grown from representing and being the exclusive supplier of the Komatsu forklift truck product range into an independent materials handling company that is able to provide an unbiased consultative approach for any application.

Inbond says: “In the past, we have had suppliers that promised the world when selling the services, but fell short when it came to delivery. With a warehouse as versatile as ours, we needed the equipment to match, and Kraig at Windsor pulled out all the stops to provide us with exactly what we needed.”

The racking at InBond’s facility towers at 12.2 metres high in some places, while in other areas it stands at 8.6 metres. Coupled with extremely narrow aisles, it took vigorous planning to source machinery fit for purpose. After careful consideration, Windsor supplied the firm with a mix of access equipment, including scissor lifts from JLG, QuickStock lifts from Genie, and forklifts from Flexi and Komatsu.

InBond purchased four forklifts – two Komatsu and two Flexi – while the rest of the fleet were rented from Windsor along with a service contract.

The Results

Stock comes in and out all of the time, and at times it is very unpredictable. If one of our trucks is down for longer than a day we need a replacement quickly. Compared to the engineers we have worked with previously, Windsor has a super-fast service when it comes to repairs and maintenance. We were also pleasantly surprised by the speedy equipment turnaround.”

Windsor Materials Handling Washington, who has a long standing relationship with InBond, was pleased to see the equipment was well-received.

“For many of our customers, finding the machine for the job is simple because the stock and racking height is consistent, but for InBond there’s a variety of stock and a range of racking heights in different parts of the warehouse. Due to this we had to shop around various manufacturers for specific machinery to serve each area. I’m really pleased that our determination has paid off, and I’m looking forward to continuing our work with InBond in the future.”

Windsor operates from twelve branches across the UK, offering materials handling and access equipment, for sale, hire and maintenance. Established in 1976, the business is now the UK’s leading independent supplier of Komatsu, Kalmar and Doosan forklifts, Baumann sideloaders, Atlet warehousing and JLG access equipment.

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