Discover the productivity and safety benefits of the JLG stockpicker range…

Feature Stockpicker Ladders Benefits
Speed 5.4km/h 3.6km/h 50% faster
Load Up to 230kg 20kg max 11x more than a person
Maneuverability Excellent in aisles Poor in aisles Compact with zero turning circle
Set Up Time None at picking point Medium Faster picking
Physical Exertion Very low High Reduced fatigue
Risk of damage / injury Very low High Reduced likelihood of injuries
Number of operators 1 2 Able to use both hands at all times
Cost From £59pw 2 Operators Reduced Costs By Half

Benefit Summary: A stockpicker increases productivity by 70% & reduces costs by nearly half. All while reducing operator fatigue & injuries.

What’s more, with heavy-duty aluminium mast sections, low maintenance components, innovative controls and automatic power-off battery saver control, MSP lifts provide the reliability and long-lasting performance you need. Plus, with working heights up to 6.70 m, a family of platforms and a ground level carry desk on the 10MSP model, the MSP Series stock pickers can be configured to your specific stock picking requirements.

Transform Your Operation

Choosing the right stockpicker can transform your operation, making it safe and productive in the process.

Ideal for the replacement of cages and ladders, JLG stockpickers are compact, reliable and easy to operate.

With the JLG range there is a stockpicker to suit your needs.

MSP Series stock pickers let you reach higher, carry more weight and work more efficiently.

The MSP range of machines gives you the ability to pick stock with less manual handling than other stock picking methods.

These compact, versatile machines are the ideal replacement for ladders and cages. With their compact size, joystick controls and a zero turning radius, the versatile MSP Series stock pickers provide the manoeuvrability and positioning capabilities needed in confined spaces.

  • Productive
  • Maneovrable
  • Versatile
  • Accurate
  • Secure
  • Simple to Operate